5 Tips To Go On A Night Out Without Drinking Alcohol

Going on a night out without drinking alcohol would have been easy if not for two major challenges. The first one is drowsiness. After a while, you will begin to get sleepy. The second one is that you would have to answer questions on why you are not taking alcohol. And you might get some people offended if you don’t answer with tact.

Some people hate to be made to feel “guilty” of taking alcohol. These people can take offense easily. Besides, they are already tipsy so they are not so rational again.

  1. Take a nap before the night out

To tackle drowsiness, you should try taking a nap a few hours to when you intend to go out. This will keep you from falling asleep for a while. Don’t stay still for a long time. You help yourself with a few dancing sessions. You can also keep walking around every 15 minutes.

  1. Don’t rub your non-alcoholic stance on people’s faces

However, the bigger challenge is that a lot of people will get to ask you the same question over and over again. Telling them straight out that you are not into alcohol, especially with some level of self-esteem may elicit irrational behavior. Besides, most of them are not in their right senses.

Instead, you could simply lie. Nobody will verify your story. You could say you are on a medication or you need to stay off alcohol for a while for health reasons. That way, you won’t get anyone offended.

  1. Act like you regret not taking alcohol

If you can, you should also put up a body language that shows that you are not happy staying away from alcohol. Instead of getting annoyed with you, some of them will feel sorry and even try to console you. You know the truth deep down.

  1. Go with your own drink

Another trick is to go with your own non-alcoholic drink. Make sure you choose the one that looks like alcohol in a glass cup. When you get to the club, you can open it and pour it in a glass cup secretly. Once people see you holding a glass of drink, they will automatically assume it is alcohol. Nobody will come for a taste. So, you are free to walk around with it.

  1. Prepare to be taunted over your stance

You should be prepared because some people will actually taunt you about your non-alcoholic stance. They will do it repeatedly and aggressively. It is really not about you. It is about making themselves feel better. So, you should not let it get to you. Rather, you should take it as a joke and laugh over it as many times as they bring it on.