6 Weeks Holistic Health Program Recommended By Health Experts

Considered as an approach to life, Holistic health is concerned with the health attitude of an individual in which their mental and physical state, as well as life experiences, forms the basis for their overall state of health. This ancient approach tends to concentrate more on the whole individual and how they interact with their environment rather than focus on illness or other specific parts of the body.

If you are considering a lifestyle change so as to be able to improve your overall well-being, then you need to follow this 6 weeks holistic health program recommended by health experts.

Week 1 – Understanding your Starting Place

You must endeavor to know where your starting place begins if you must create a lifelong change. Avoid doing the things you’ve always done else you’ll continue ending up with the same results. How do you feel when you do what you do? Learn to plot your course to an ideal life with the right tools. Do away with all those obstacles and roadblocks that have been hindering you from advancing in the past. Remember to eat better.

Week 2 – Clarify your vision

Set out time for yourself and get less busy. Discover the healthy diet plan and engage in mindful eating. Ensure to eat effectively balance portion sizes of food. As part of efforts to reduce stress, rest is important. Learn to enhance and deepen your sleep, so as to wake up well rested through powerful breath-based activities. Learn easy self-care practices to be happy and create more joy for yourself.

Week 3 – Eat sustainable healthy foods

As you make lifestyle shifts, try to as much as possible to discover those foods that suit your lifestyle and unique body. Do not be afraid to try new protein sources. Save time, money and environment enjoying enhanced energy. Learn the basics of cooking nutrient dense grains and get rid of lethargy and processed foods. Add in more green goodness to your menu so as to ignite creativity and improve your immune system.

Week 4 – Stay on course

It may not be easy at first to do all these – adding lean protein, cutting sugar and salt, eating more fruits and vegetable and less fast food and so on – but you can only achieve that lifelong change you desire only when you stay on course.

Week 5 – learn to balance work and home life

Slow down and take your time to celebrate every shift, enjoy the art of organization, promote better health and strengthen your relationship. Apply easy and natural solutions to cut down toxins in your home. Learn to love the work you do and do the work you love.

Week 6 – Follow your set goals

Now that you seem to have made it, try to take a look back to review and assess your progress so far. Don’t let it stop there, keep it going! Follow your set goals for holistic health success.