Clearing Your Energy Of Pain, Stress And Negativity

This is the third and final part of the Energy Medicine series!

Before moving on, have you checked our previous articles in this 3-part series?

If not, make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 as we have shared a lot of information on how you can live your life filled with vitality and some useful and practical ways to use your energy as your medicine.

I’m sure you don’t want to miss that!

However, if you already enjoyed reading the previous articles, you will be happy to know that in this final article we will discuss how we can combat one of the major problems of the world – STRESS.

Let’s get rolling…

How do you feel today?

Does work put in a lot of pressure on you?

Do you feel frustrated because you can’t seem to achieve anything because you are too tired to finish even one simple task?

Do you experience difficulty in sleeping?

Have you noticed some changes in your appetite?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, you are no doubt suffering from ongoing stress!

And we want to help you get back your energy and attain optimum health.

You see, when you are stressed, discouraged, frustrated and in pain, your psychic energy is also experiencing the same thing. Negative feelings like fear, anxiety and nervousness block our physical vitality and our emotional aura and energy. Also, your mental body is always connecting with the mental body of others, so you get pessimistic thoughts and energies from other individuals. That is why it is also important to choose carefully the circle of people you will be spending your time with.

One way of overcoming negative thoughts and feelings is to observe and examine your thoughts. Chances are a large number of them may not be in alignment with your highest good. Here is how to know if you have negative thoughts:

  • Repetitive thoughts
  • Automatic thoughts
  • Negative thoughts
  • Redundant thoughts

In the event that you need to find out what your thinking patterns, carry a scratch pad with you and record every one of the thoughts that you have in a 24-hour time frame. You will be astonished by the fact that it is so difficult to monitor your own thoughts!

When your thoughts are certain you adjust to positive vibrations and you create healing, harmony and balance. When they are negative, they make obstruction and blockages. Negative idea structures can be fed for quite a long time, particularly when associated with a horrible ordeal. These negative thought-forms are made by negative involvement and desires. The more vitality you give them, the more vitality they procure and the more grounded their effect on your state of balance.

They can be founded on sentiment and desires for other individuals. All things considered, they can stall out in your psyche and play out, again and again, undetected, until the point when you begin to focus and effectively choose to watch your thought patterns. Thoughts based on fear, misery, grief, blame, and outrage stay connected to your energy field and cause you to vibrate increasingly in alignment with these kinds of energies. After some time they cause you to attract these encounters throughout your life.

These thought forms vibrate inside you such that they catalyze a cascaded response at all the levels of your vitality bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. They cause you to draw in individuals, circumstances and experience that are in vibrational alignment with them. It resembles an invitation for low energies to attach to your vitality field.

To clear these patterns, take a look at your life and check whether you are drawing in circumstances you don’t care for. If you do, you are some way or another vibrating in arrangement with them without your conscious awareness.

Your task is to check in with your energy field a few times in the day, particularly if you feel worn out and discouraged, to check whether you have picked up or created any negative ideas and intentionally let it go.

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Ways/Techniques to clear your mind and body from negative energy (pain, stress and negativity)

If you are overwhelmed with negativity, whether it is yours or someone else’s, these simple tips can help:

  1. Create A Sacred Space

This is so essential for everybody, except particularly if you are an empath. A sacred space can be any area in your home where you can be without anyone else and get a place to be completely self-expressed.

This could be your specialty room, your reflection room or basically your office. This place must be yours and yours alone. Try not to impart this space to others (yes, your children and pets can’t come in and out!). It doesn’t need to be inside, it very well may be outside.

Be inventive with this, however, find an extraordinary place for you to go in at least once per day. On the off chance that it is impossible for you to make a great space, make one up in your mind and go there. You will be astounded what you can make up in your brain.

A few people wind up in the farmland, others along the ocean shore, a deserted island, a healing sanctuary; others see themselves on different planets, out in space, or a spaceship made completely of light vitality.

  1. Let Light In

Clearing energy is something that, for some, may seem a little “out there.” But when you are stuck in negative energy, trying something new might be the best solution, so give it a try. Every space and thing holds energy. Even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it. There are multiple ways to clear the energy of a negative situation or place; one of my favorite ways is to use a sage smudge stick.

Light the stick, and when it catches fire, blow it out to create an incense effect of smoke. Set your intention for each room as you wave the sage around to remove negative energy. Some people say a prayer or repeat a powerful mantra, like “I cleanse this room of any impurities, negativity.”

  1. Use Protective Stones

When we are intentionally aware of our energy, we can’t fall victim to others’ negative energies except if we permit it.

Your energies should be always moving in doing what we are here to do as empaths: process, amplify and transmute energy. In the event that you are not doing this throughout the day, you will feel a stale vitality.

Often, this is the time you lose motivation and why you fall back into the negative part of your gift and feel the need for protection.

Working with gems and stone causes you to remain engaged and mindful of what’s happening in your life. This is anything but difficult to do when you are out there, in reality, making your memories and life experiences. Be that as it may, you should not lose focus.

  1. Use Journaling, Art, and Drawing

Empaths tend to be very artistic and love expressing their own talent when they feel great. When they don’t feel great they tend to resist their artistic abilities because art requires that they work with their feelings and this can often cause pain.

Consider using art as a form of healing and emotional release to help you when you feel stuck and out of balance.

5. Connect To Nature

For anyone who feels overpowered by emotional pressure and mental anguish, nature gives the best type of healing energy possible. Empaths are here to help the energetic frequencies needed to clean the planet.

Most negative thoughts and negative feelings are conveyed by people. In this way, if you are an empath go and invest energy in nature alone at least once in a day to energize, you will enable nature to heal you. Touching a tree can enable you to ground and dispose of undesirable energies from your body.

Connecting with flowers, animals, surges of water and normal nature scenes is the most soothing vitality cleansing treatment you can get. What’s more, it’s free!

Sit on the ground with your back against the trunk of a tree or stroll around with exposed feet to drawn positive energies from the earth. This strategy is called earthling or grounding and it will make you to feel great.

  1. Sea Salt Baths

Sea salt has amazing cleansing abilities. Sea salt draws energy out. Having a hot bath containing sea salt when you feel energetically overwhelmed can really make a huge difference in the way you feel. You can use regular sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, or other.

You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water. If you have allergies, make sure to test them first. The best essential oils to use for cleansing the aura are: rosemary, citronella, and eucalyptus.


Clearing your energy of pain and negativity is easy with the steps discussed in this article. Starting today, try to adopt some of these methods and experiment with them. See how your body feels. Pay attention to your emotions and thoughts. Listen to your body, what messages is your body sending you? Be aware of what is happening in your environment.

Notice what people say around you and what you say around them and what type of conversation are you engaging in. Your outside experience is always a direct manifestation of what is happening in your mind.

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