How To Stay Mindful When You Are Busy

Staying mindful when you are busy is about being focused on the task at hand. The more mindful you are about what you are doing, the faster and better you will do it. Nature has a way of playing tricks on the human mind. The closer the deadline to what you are doing, the more frequently your mind will wander away from the task.

Don’t Procrastinate

The first tip is to work within a reasonable timeline. For instance, if you have a report to submit and you have a week to prepare the report and submit it. Most people will keep procrastinating and wait till when they have only a few hours left before they start working on the report.

That way, your mind will be on the deadline and the likely consequences of not meeting the deadline, instead of being on the task itself. Needless to say the harder you fight to re-direct your thought the slower you will become and the less accurate your report will be. In other words, do not procrastinate. Complete all necessary tasks when you have all the time.

Completing your tasks on time prevents you from being overwhelmed with tasks. Take this scenario for instance, your manager told you to send an important mail to some customers two days ago but he didn’t set any timeline for it. So, you kept postponing it. There are some files you need to treat, but they don’t seem urgent. There is a certain report you ought to conclude and submit but you kept postponing it. Some prospective business partners scheduled a meeting with you today for about 1pm and you accepted.

Do you know that it is possible for all the tasks you postponed to be become crazily urgent at the same time, especially when it is just less than one hour to the meeting? How will you cope? To avoid such an unpleasant situation, complete each task as quickly as possible.

Avoid multi-tasking

A lot of people believe they can multi-task. In fact, in reality, people can multi-task, but this takes its toll on the quality of the outcome of the tasks. Yes, you can type a memo and also receive a call while doing so. But can the quality of the memo be compared to the one you typed with full concentration? Multi-tasking leads to division of thoughts. The only way to avoid it is by handling each task as they come.

Acknowledge each time your mind wanders away

No matter how hard you try, your mind will always wander away from the task at hand. The best way to curtail that is to acknowledge that your mind just wandered away and redirect it. The more often you do it, the fewer it will occur

Try Yoga lessons

There are several Yoga techniques that can help you stay focused and mindful when you are busy. You might want to take such classes as you will enjoy the benefit all your life.