How To Use Meditation To Stay Focused

If you are having trouble focusing at work, at school, or even during meditation, the answer to your problems is to learn how to meditate properly. The issue with staying focused lies with interruptions and being able to overcome them to quickly get back to a focused state of mind. Learning how to meditate properly should allow you to apply that method to your daily life, even when you are not meditating. Stress can also hinder your ability to focus and, you guessed it, meditating properly can help you reduce stress, which in turn will allow you to focus better.

If you have never meditated before, find a comfortable and quiet place to dedicate to meditation. Some people prefer darker lit rooms with candles or incense, and others prefer more brightly lit rooms and no candles. You may also choose to sit or to lie down. Once comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Focus on each inhale and exhale, making them as slow and steady as you can. Beginners should slowly increase the duration of time in which they do this. This method is called concentration meditation.

Once concentration meditation has become second nature, move on to mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is centered around your thoughts and how to be aware of and control them. Imagine your mind as a blank space and each thought is a speech bubble with words inside. As they begin to flash across this blank space, you must decide which to ignore and which to allow to stay. Try picturing this as you meditate and with practice you will learn how to control your thoughts even when you are not meditating.

Learning mindfulness and how to control your thoughts in your daily life will allow you to be more productive. Picture being at work and you are attempting to focus on an important task with a strict deadline, but you are having trouble keeping all of your other tasks out of your mind. Take a moment to close your eyes, control your breathing, and picture your task in a speech bubble. Focus on that speech bubble and as other speech bubbles come into your frame of view, do not allow them to stay for long. Remain focused on the task at hand. Now open your eyes and continue working on that task. As thoughts and distractions continue to arise, push them away as you did in your blank space. With practice and patience, you should see an increase in your focus as well as your productivity at work.

Meditation can be helpful for a variety of things from focus to stress reduction, but learning how to properly meditate is crucial for it to even begin to make a positive difference in your life. Meditation is not the same for everyone, so find what works for you and master it. There are many resources that talk about meditation more in-depth than this article if you would like to learn about other methods of meditating to increase focus.