Morning Ritual: Activities That Can Fill Your Day With Enthusiasm

Everyone could use a little more enthusiasm. Enthusiasm produces a spark that not only enlivens you but changes how the people that you interact with respond and behave toward you. We are all sales people to a certain extent. Enthusiasm is the little extra that makes your effort successful regardless of what you are pursuing.

A morning ritual that includes a boost in your personal enthusiasm should last at least until lunch if not all day. The following are some morning enthusiasm builders that can become as much of your morning ritual as shaving or putting on makeup.

1) Exercise

Exercise in the morning is the thing that got cave men going. Exercise will work for you in building enthusiasm. There is a biochemical basis for the improvement in enthusiasm produced by exercise. Exercise causes the release of endorphins. Endorphins naturally reduce stress, boost self esteem, minimize anxiety, and promote enthusiasm.

2) See the light

A good mood is a necessity for enthusiasm. The human body reacts to some of the frequencies of light in the early morning sun to produce a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin produces a mood that is conducive to human interaction. All you need to do is get out and see the morning sun for a few minutes.

3) Meditate

Take 10 to 15 minutes of your hectic morning schedule to meditate. It does not matter what form that your meditation takes. The act of meditating prepares your mind to deal with live on life’s terms. You naturally feel more enthusiastic after meditation.

4) Play with your children or pets

You are made to play. The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of play are firmly established by science and medicine. Playing with your children for a few minutes in the morning creates a routine for you and your children. The ritual trains your children to be their best throughout their life.

Dogs, cats, and any pets or animals make you feel good. You cannot be enthusiastic if you do not feel good.

5) Count your blessings

This idea may be old and trite but it works. Mentally listing the things that are good in your life or writing them down helps you accentuate the positive. This develops a positive mental perspective that can carry you through an exhausting day with lots of enthusiasm.

6) Eat for enthusiasm

The right foods can make you more enthusiastic because you will have more energy that lasts longer. Fruit sugars give you an energy source that promotes enthusiasm. Processed sugars give you a short energy spurt that dies by mid morning.

7) Plan

Plan to be enthusiastic because enthusiasm does not just happen. A part of your morning ritual should be an evaluation of the things that you plan to do in this day only. You must plan how to approach even the most difficult and trying parts of the day with enthusiasm.