Practical Ways To Use Energy As Your Medicine


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Energy Medicine: What is it and how does it work?

Energy healing is a type of holistic practice that helps hasten the healing process by activating the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By eliminating these energy blocks, energy medicine stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

One of the oldest traditions based on energy healing is Reiki. The traditional Japanese dates back to early 20th century where chakras, the seven energy transmission, as described by ancient Hindu narratives. Meridians, the superhighways of energy in the body, are the road maps that Chinese use to practice acupuncture. Through ancient customs and cultures, we can see how different modalities were utilized to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The cultures understood that internal energy is a powerful force for good.

Energy medicine complements other approaches to medical care as a complete system for self-help and self-care. It can address emotional, mental and majorly physical illnesses, and can also promote top-level wellness and optimum performance. Besides healing the body using its natural healing energies, you can also heal the body by restoring energies that are disturbed, weak or out of balance.

You are your energy

Who among us hasn’t experienced spells of tiredness or lack of energy, often at the worst possible times, when we just want to get things done?

For someone who works office hours but still has many side projects to fulfill outside day job, it is expected that you will struggle with low energy levels let alone the frustration that comes with not being able to achieve everything you’d like to accomplish in a day.

Apparently, the reasons why you feel tired and depleted of energy is because of your lack of sleep and stress at work, another reason could be more complex like if you are living with a chronic condition or following treatment for a chronic disease.

So what can you do to feel more energized during the day?

1. Pay attention to your diet

One of our main sources of energy is, of course, the food we eat. So, if we want to keep our energy levels up, we must eat healthfully and try to integrate the most nutritious foods in our diets. We measure the energy that we can derive from foods in calories.

If we don’t consume enough calories our bodies may feel tired, as they don’t have enough “fuel” to run on. At the same time, however, if we get too many calories, there’s a system overload, and we may end up feeling sluggish.

So, in order to feel fresh and ready for action, we must learn to maintain a balance in terms of our calorie intake.

2. Do some light exercise

Sometimes, in the middle of the workday, I start to feel sluggish and my brain can “shut down.”

At those times, I find it useful to get up from my chair, stretch a little, walk around the office, and then continue work at the standing desk. A little movement helps to revitalize me, and no wonder.

As specialists from the Harvard Medical School explain in their dedicated report, although exercise may not be the first thing that you’ll want to do when feeling depleted of energy, it stimulates your body and mind in some vital ways.

First, they write, in any form of exercise, at a cellular level, more energy-producing units form in your muscles, so that your body may sustain the activity. Exercise also “increases your body’s oxygen-carrying capacity” and boosts circulation, so said oxygen will reach and “feed” all your body parts sooner.

Moreover, it stimulates the release of stress hormones — in moderation — which makes you feel more energized and alert.

3. Put time aside for yoga, meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation might also help to boost your energy levels. This is because these practices focus on techniques — such as mindful breathing — that aim to promote a state of calm.

So, if your fatigue is due — at least in part — to increased stress, taking up yoga or meditation as a routine “self-care” approach can help you to become more resistant to stressors.

One study from last year found that people who practice meditation and yoga often seemed to have better immune systems and to have developed resilience in the face of stress and anxiety.

4. Don’t underestimate sleep

Finally, it’s vital to make sure that you get enough good-quality sleep at night to prevent fatigue or recover from the effect of tiring or stressful activity throughout the day.

Although this may be the most obvious advice, many of us often underestimate the impact that shortened the sleeping time or disrupted sleep, can have on our energy levels and health and well-being, in general.

Research has associated disrupted sleep with neurodegeneration, mental health problems, and increased predisposition to worry.

5. Learn to delegate tasks

This might not seem to be an available option for many of us who have taken on too numerous hats — perhaps as partners, parents, or dedicated career people.

We might feel stifled by our responsibilities — from the very small daily chores, such as doing the dishes, to the less mundane, such as a vital work project with many ramifications.

However, if we don’t find a decent strategy to redistribute some of these responsibilities, at least from time to time, it may lead to burnout and a constant sense of fatigue in our day-to-day lives, which is not at all conducive to productivity and happiness.

Using your body’s energy for optimum health

To maximize our health and well-being, our physical and subtle bodies need a good rate of vibration, which implies that our vital force is more grounded. All that we do influences our vibration – what we see, hear, taste, contact, smell, eat, drink, think, feel, experience and believe. It was demonstrated by Albert Einstein that what we see as physical matter is just low-frequency energy, and the vibration of that energy can be altered.

You can raise your vibration and you can enhance your well-being! In case you’re hoping to enhance your well-being on all levels – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical – and move in the direction of accomplishing your full potential, why not try to incorporate some straightforward energy healing techniques into your life? It’s simple, and the advantages are well justified, despite all the trouble.

There are various techniques used in healing traditions. This we shall discuss in detail later on. Meanwhile, here is a FREE resource that can be your ultimate guide to Healing, Happiness And Wholesome Living! By learning simple energy techniques, you can improve your health, sharpen your brain, and also increase your vitality and joy. Click the banner below to download the PDF file of the book.

Energy Healing Techniques

1.     Acupuncture

Acupuncture practitioners stimulate one’s energy flow by inserting needles into one’s skin at specific points of the body, targeting the main meridians to restore balance. It is a traditional Chinese practice that has been used for ages to reduce chronic pains such as neck pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.

Acupuncture practitioners stimulate the flow of energy by inserting needles through the skin at traditional Chinese medicine to help reduce chronic pains such as low-back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis/knee pain.

2.     Crystal Healing

This is a practice that utilizes crystals and stones to draw out impurities in the body. These stones have properties that target different kinds of emotional, spiritual and physical energy problems. One can also use charms to keep off bad energy that could otherwise harm the body. Crystal healers align crystals or stones on the body’s chakra points depending on the patient’s symptoms. These crystals and stones can be used to amplify other healing techniques by placing them close to the procedures.

3.      Qigong

Qigong comes from “Qi” which means “vital life force” or energy and gong means “work” or “effort.” Qigong practices and cultivates vital life force through breathing and meditation techniques. Medical Qigong has two types: external qigong or qi emission emits qi with the intention to heal others while self-healing qigong, where one uses qigong exercises to enhance their health, prevent disease and address illness.

4.     Reiki

Reiki is a life energy that flows through all the living things. It uses the Ki energy to strengthen and aid others utilizing hand techniques and hand symbols to channel healing energy into the body. Master teachers pass down the expertise and knowledge to their students before they practice healing using Reiki strategies.

5.     Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum healing is based on the science of quantum mechanics. It explores how quantum and frequencies affect the body and teach us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy resulting in a broad range of benefits with remarkable results.

Energy medicine techniques you can use at home

Energy healing utilizes various naturally occurring vibrations to create positive changes in one’s energy patterns. There are simple energy techniques that you can use at home for healing. Here is how to improve your energy using techniques at home.

1.     Still Hands

Hold your hands on the body or within the field, or move to the area where the energy fees disturbed. You want to return the energy to its flow, balance, and cohesion. You should feel better after your energy stabilizes or when you get the instinctive sense that it is time to move on. If it does not change after a reasonable time, it could be that the disharmony is a major part of your healing process. If this is the case, then move to a higher wisdom.

2.     Scanning

This technique utilizes the passing of hands over the energy field at least a few inches to feet away from the body. You use open palms turned towards the body. You will move your hands along the front starting about 5 inches away. Stay focused but relaxed. Be receptive to the sensations in your hands and you will start to feel some bumps, buzzing, pushing, hot or cold or pulling among other sensations. It could be the natural drawing of chakras from different areas of the body.

3.     Sweeping or Smoothing

This technique will help you restore the disturbed energy back to its natural balanced state of flow, harmony, and movement. Move your open palms in a smoothing or sweeping motion repeatedly about 6 inches from the body.

4.     Magnetizing

This healing technique utilizes your hands like magnets over your body to pull unwanted energy off you. You can eliminate drugs, illnesses, a traumatic experience or any other negative energies from another person through magnetizing. With your hands in the energy field above the person’s body, set your intention on eliminating the negative energy out of the body. Visualize the removal and when you feel the unwanted energy stuck in your hands, flick them toward the earth to rid of the bad energy.

5.     Energy Pump

If there is an accumulation of energy on a particular part of the field or body, hands can be used to remove the excess energy using the energy pump technique. This healing method can be used to rid the body of headaches, injuries, wounds and other kinds of pains.

You place your hand in the field of the ailing area while holding out the other hand away from you and pointing to the ground. Have the intention to remove the excess energy by yanking it out with the dominant hand and sending it out into the earth through the other hand. You will feel the energy flowing out as it goes to the other hand. When the energy slows down but pain has not decreased, gently pump your other hand with a gentle fist. Open it up severally in quick motions.


Energy medicine corrects energy imbalances that are the foundation of vibrancy and health. Physical symptoms often provide the clues we need about the types of energy imbalances the body needs to be addressed. With energy medicine, you can treat many illnesses and pains without resorting to conventional medication.

Now that you’ve learned some useful ways to use Energy as your Medicine, find out how you can use energy to conquer stressful situations, overcome an afternoon slump, choosing the right food by just using energy and using a simple kitchen utensil to heal yourself! Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Masterclass will teach you all these! Just click the banner below to get instant access!