Understanding The Flow Of Qi And How It Affects Your Health

Qi is referred to as the sustaining form of life or a life energy. It is the most powerful and immediate power of the body that comes from the synergy of Yang and Yin or an energy shared with the universe. It is also the invisible form of energy that generates humans, plants, sky, earth and all living things. Qi is always on the move in its eternal life energy, just as it is pictured on the big yin and yang symbols.

On a human order, it is the most valuable energy that powers the bodies and allows you to sustain your physiological functions as well as spiritual and mental health.

How Does Qi Affect your Health?

Qi becomes Hong when it condenses. Qi is said to be yang when it’s moving fast. Qi is yin when Its moving slow. Blood is also supposed to be part of Qi’s component of your being and it is produced from food already ingested after being removed from the action of the spleen. Red blood cells are nourishing and thus link with the Yin Qi, while white blood cells are protective and also linked with Yang Qi.

Qi tonics comprises of energy believed to have active immune-regulating properties. They also increase your ability to function properly and adapt to any situation. Qi’s movement can also be set side by side to the way that water flows naturally. By moving from higher to a more shallow concentration, Qi traces the body’s landscape and combines it in a meridian. The apex provides a natural lane for the flow of Qi and brings in a constant source of energy to various parts of the body.

Qi also affects the health in some ways, for example: If a lake is obstructed, all downstream regions depending on the water flowing from the lake can be affected. The harmony and balance of the ecosystem will be disorganized as a result of the lack of water. Plants and animals will find it difficult to survive. Additionally, if the Meridian System stays blocked, the supply of Qi to various parts of the body will be affected, and this might lead to disease and organ dissonance even if the affected area is far from the main blockage.

So to regain balance and harmony, the flow of Qi has to be reinstalled. When the Qi is ample and flowing without obstruction, health is restored.

Three factors can lead to a blockage of the healthy flow of Qi: Physical balance, Emotional balance, and Nutritional balance.

Nothing blocks the flow of Qi more than an inactive lifestyle. So learn how to keep your body moving, and your emotions in check and enjoy the simplest things in life so as to connect directly with your living environment.