Welcome To Reiki – History And Health Benefits


One of the Japanese founded techniques for reduced stress with techniques that will promote healing is Reiki. Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese religious scholar of religion in the mid 1800’s. He was a Christian and researched how Christ healed by touching with his hands. He traveled the world seeking knowledge on the subject studying ancient textbooks and speaking to ancient religious sects.

Dr. Usui dedicated his life to healing. Allegedly, he found techniques that dated nearly 10,000 years and claimed he had a religious experience. His practice included many sick people in Kyoto, Japan where his reputation grew. His experiences helped him understand the ‘universal life force energy that is the basis for Reiki today.

Handed down to teachers led to the formation of American Reiki Association, which now deploys over a thousand Reiki masters that utilize the techniques of Dr. Usui. Claiming to provide numerous benefits related to the traditional practice of massage therapy, Reiki is a technique that is both gentle and safe and used in many hospitals.

Successes have been reported in pain management, stress reduction, stimulation of the immune systems, acute and chronic illnesses as well as success in treating arthritis and asthma.


Underlying the principals of Reiki is the fact that our body has an energy field that aligns with our health and proper function of the traveling spirit throughout our healthy systems. The energy flows to certain areas that can become weakened from blockage. This is also seen in the deployment of acupuncture and some traditional methods of Chinese medicine.

The thought process of Reiki masters is that all of us own the access to our universal life energy. Overtime, our systems change and practitioners of Reiki will use their own hands, energy fields and thoughts to unblock the energy flow, possibly using the chakra system. To be simple, seven energy centers that lie along the middle of our body and connected to our nervous and endocrine system is known as the chakra system.

This is defined in the Ayurveda medicine (connected to our five senses) and yoga. Claims from Reiki masters state that healing energy can be compared to the use of prayer but the practitioners need advanced training to be able to transmit energy to a distance.


There are various forms of the Reiki system but for the majority of people, they take place on a massage table clothed on his or her back. Techniques use calm and concentrated touching to specific parts of the energy areas of our body. Placing hands on where the organs and glands are situated along with mental visualization or with hands held above the body, the blocked energy is tapped into initiating unblocking. Hands can be held above or on the client for as along as five minutes, which allows transferring of energy. There are twenty positions where hands can be placed.

You will want to utilize a Reiki practitioners that is certified and it is recommended that first-time clients use the system three to four times over a week to start the cleansing and energy adjustment. Your mental attitude is important concentrating on peace, love, compassion as energy forms to start your healing process.